Bitcoin conf solo mining

This a step by step guide on how to setup your own crypto-currency mining pool. This guide is going over how to setup an Monero mining pool . This is meant to bitcoin conf solo mining a mining pool for a SINGLE CRYPTO CURRENCY.

This is not a guide for a Multipool! At this point you should have your VPS started, putty up and running and your logged in as root. I am setting up a 4GB swap, which may be overkill but it’s the most common swap sized used in most guides so ill keep it at that. Now let’s add it into fstab so it’ll activate at boot. Add the following line at the end of the file. X to exit the nano editor. Now your swap is setup, you can modify the size in the future if you need more or less.

Now let’s setup the coin daemon, I will be using monero. Now boot up putty . You can see demon is starting and you can see that it started syncing with network . Depend on your vps network speed it will take some time to fully sync . The fastest way to achieve this, is to download the current blockchain and import it into the daemon. If it fails half-way, just re-run it. The above command will continue where it left off.

You can see all list of detail and showing that it connect to network success message . Warning for Cyrptonote coins other than Monero: this software may or may not work with any given cryptonote coin. Be wary of altcoins that change the number of minimum coin units because you will have to reconfigure several config values to account for those changes. Monero working with this software. Used for storage in redis so multiple coins can share the same redis instance.

Specifies the level of log output verbosity. Options are: info, warn, or error. Directory where to write log files. Gives console output useful colors. Address where block rewards go, and miner payments come from. Poll RPC daemons for new blocks every this many milliseconds.

How many seconds until we consider a miner disconnected. How often the pool checks for the timestamp of the last block. Lower numbers increase load for the Redis db, but make the share value more precise. Module that sends payments to miners according to their submitted shares. Module that monitors the submitted block maturities and manages rounds. AJAX API used for front-end website. If set, client will run redis auth command on connect.

Must point to the API setup in your config. Minimum units in a single coin, for Bytecoin its 100000000. Download link to cryptonote-easy-miner for Windows users. Used for front-end block links. Used by front-end transaction links.