Bitcoin kursverlauf 2014

Average USD market price bitcoin kursverlauf 2014 major bitcoin exchanges. There are a lot of per and cons discussions about no change at all, segwit and unlimited right now. I want to summarize the basic problems of both and my preferred solution.

I think any kind of change of the current protocol would “mess up” bitcoin payment systems because the current crypto payment “standard” will be destroyed. The protocol is 1MB per block. There are only 21 Million Bitcoins. That means, we would have a forked chain in any case. We turn our beloved bitcoin into two altcoins.

And with the fork we will automatically have 2 chains, with a maximum of 21 million each! And that further means, we more or less double the amount of coins. We could call that a hidden “break” of the protocol. Yes I know, its not a double actually, it’s two different chains, different coins, bla bla bla I know that, you know that. But the uniqueness of the BTC token is gone. Many many of the investors and the press will even not understand the facts!

Which one is the ‘real’ one now? We had similar problems with ETH already. The fork harmed ETH a lot. Ok, it recovered quite good afterwards, but this is, because people invested in ETH are way more technical understanding than the majority of Bitcoin owners and lately because of the entethalliance. If we fork bitcoin the trolling will be gigantic! It could throw crypto miles back or maybe even kill it completely, if the fork is too severe.