Bitcoin mining difficulty factor

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I saw that they have a “difficulty factor”. When does this difficulty factor rise and why? Can you predict when it will rise or fall? Promotional Question: Bill Koul is owner of the mentioned website. I removed the link but will leave the question as it still seems like it could be useful to others. The difficulty depends on the total amount of computational power in the network. Bitcoin, the higher the difficulty becomes.

Since there is no telling how fast and how much difficulty will rise in future, this is the speculation part in Bitcoin mining. Whether it’s worth to join the mining process depends on the difficulty development, what you are investing and what you’ll get in return for these investments. It’s not a simple process, but there are some tools that will help you. I created a mining profitability calculator, that predicts the difficulty factor. That’s an interesting and well made app you have there. Not the answer you’re looking for? What will bitcoin prices do in the next months as ASIC miners become more widespread?

What effect will the halt of the use of cpu-gpu miners have in the difficulty? How does a difficulty increase affect a miner’s income? Why is the hash rate pumped near difficulty calculations? What is the algorithm to create a Bitcoin mining calculator? When ASICs generate a share, is it always at difficulty 1?

How to calculate monthly income in bitcoin mining? Why does Bitcoin not have faster downward difficulty adjustments? Why was Singapore chosen to host the summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un? Can I safely eat whatever goes through the x-ray machine? Should I let my former undergraduate advisor know that my PhD advisor was abusive? What is Canada’s case for applying tariffs on US dairy? Why would underground dwelling Drow have dark skin?