Bitcoin reddit karma meme

Bitcoin has seen a flood of interest over the past few days, as newcomers buy in and the cryptocurrency reaches new heights. Communities have expanded in size with new bitcoin reddit karma meme, and there’s a key piece of advice many of the veterans have: hodl.

The revolution will not be televised. It’ll be sent to your inbox by us. Over the long-term, those who’ve held through the worst of the bitcoin price panics have profited the most handsomely. It all depends on whether you see bitcoin as a long-term cryptocurrency, or a short fad with little lasting value. It was founded to redistribute value, move money away from bankers and financial institutions to people.

Karthik Iyer, India’s ambassador to the P2P Foundation, said in an interview with Inverse. It is the greatest redistribution of value in human history. If you fall into the latter camp, you may want to question why you bothered with bitcoin in the first place. Tesla reveals the Model 3 during a live streamed event.

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