Bitcoin refugees in sweden

Al Franken: Victim of Russian Bots! Bill Clinton and recommended that other women do likewise. Burleigh was back bitcoin refugees in sweden action in defense of Al Franken.

You really have to read the whole thing to grasp how fully Ms. Burleigh, Newsweek magazine, which originally published the piece, and Yahoo News, which republished it at the link, have descended into the fever swamp. But I will try to convey the flavor of the piece. Analysts have now mapped out how Hooters pinup girl and lad-mag model Leeann Tweeden’s initial accusation against Franken became effective propaganda after right-wing black ops master Roger Stone first hinted at the allegation. Because women who accuse powerful and famous men of sexual impropriety are always lying, especially when they have photographs. Tweeden’s claims, nor does she mention the numerous other women who subsequently accused Franken of improprieties.

A pair of Japan-based websites, created the day before Tweeden came forward, and a swarm of related Twitter bots made the Tweeden story go viral and then weaponized a liberal writer’s criticism of Franken. On the same day, a developer named Atsufumi Otsuka registered a web domain in Japan called RealUSA. Russian intelligence operation, according to the Alliance for Securing Democracy, an organization tracking Russian social media accounts, based on a sample taken that day of 600 of the fake accounts. Is that big news, or what? That same day, Otsuka registered a second domain in Japan for another fake-news site, VotyUS. On December 7, just before Democrats started calling for Franken to step down, the freshly minted Japan-based fake sites went to work and re-published an article by Ijeoma Oluo, a liberal writer, urging women and activists to stop supporting Franken. Suddenly, thousands of apparently fake Twitter accounts were tweeting the title of the article—but linking back to one of the two Japanese-registered fake-news sites created in conjunction with the right-wing anti-Franken campaign.

The bot accounts normally tweeted about celebrities, bitcoin and sports, but on that day, they were mobilized against Franken. Researchers have found that each bot account had 30 to 60 followers, all Japanese. So Al Franken resigned because he was being criticized in Japan? One question remains: Who is paying for this operation? The researchers believe that the operation was expensive. Additionally, it’s likely that an existing bot farm of compromised computers is basically being rented as a distributed host for these accounts. Dozens of hours, and one person working full-time!