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A day of reckoning has arrived for digital currencies as lawmakers take aim at the innovative but largely unregulated technology undergirding e-money, and a barrage of class-action lawsuits batter companies already whipsawed by the dizzying rise and recent selloff of digital currencies. Federal and state regulators have hit at least four companies in recent weeks with charges that they’d made too-good-to-be-true appeals to consumers or sold securities improperly. A sharp slide in the price of bitcoin and other digital currencies has only hardened anger on social media among investors and speculators. 7,600 or so Tuesday afternoon, still far less than half its peak on Dec.

4 billion but has largely halted activity. Holed up in a hotel room in Myrtle Beach, S. 2 pleading with those who heeded his sales pitches to let him off the hook. The people that joined a month ago, two months ago, they are going to be pretty sour. The heads of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, which respectively regulate financial instruments with an eye toward protecting investors and markets, testified Tuesday before the Senate Banking Committee on how they are reshaping their agencies to address problems posed by fledgling digital currencies. The chairmen of both agencies acknowledged a struggle to keep pace.

SEC Chairman Jay Clayton said in prepared remarks. Both agencies late last year smoothed the way for the trading of virtual currencies but in December also issued harsh warnings that smaller investors were the likeliest to jump into the untested waters and are the most at risk for fraud. Christopher Giancarlo said Tuesday, is that some of the players in crypto currency don’t fall into the same regulatory definition as companies that may trade in foreign currencies. Giancarlo pointed out that digital currencies do not yet comprise a sizable part of the economy. He noted that, as of Feb. Many Americans who have bought digital currency expecting huge gains may be trying to ride out the roller-coaster valuations and the recent plunge, Giancarlo said.

If you go on the Twitter universe, you’ll see a phrase HODL, which means hold on for dear life. And in fact what we hear a lot of is people buying and holding. Mark Warner became a millionaire by pioneering the cell phone business in the 1980s, a time when everyone was sure that he was wrong and cell phones were going to be a small business. Both agency heads agreed Congress must consider new cryptocurrency rules. John Coffee, a Columbia University law professor and a frequent congressional witness on securities matters. Coffee points to a number of enforcement actions by the SEC going after companies engaged in Initial Coin Offerings.