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It has been suggested that The Sydney Morning Herald Best Young Australian Novelists be merged into this article. The Sydney Morning Herald front page. Founded in 1831 as the Sydney Herald, the SMH is the oldest continuously published newspaper brw wiki bitcoin Australia and a national online news brand. According to Roy Morgan Research Readship Surveys, in the twelve months to March 2011, the paper was read 766,000 times on Monday to Friday, and read 1,014,000 times on Saturdays.

The original four-page weekly had a print run of 750. During the decade 1890, Donald Murray worked there. The SMH was late to the trend of printing news rather than just advertising on the front page, doing so from 15 April 1944. Of the country’s metropolitan dailies, only The West Australian was later in making the switch. In 1949, the newspaper launched a Sunday edition, The Sunday Herald. In 1995, the company launched the newspaper’s web edition smh.

The site has since grown to include interactive and multimedia features beyond the content in the print edition. Around the same time, the organisation moved from Jones Street to new offices at Darling Park and built a new printing press at Chullora, in the city’s west. In May 2007, Fairfax Media announced it would be moving from a broadsheet format to the smaller compact or tabloid-size, in the footsteps of The Times, for both The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. In July 2013 it was announced that the SMH ‘s news director, Darren Goodsir, would become Editor-in-Chief, replacing Sean Aylmer. On 22 February 2014, the final Saturday edition was produced in broadsheet format with this too converted to compact format on 1 March 2014. Historically, the SMH was a conservative newspaper. It did not endorse the Australian Labor Party at any election until the 1984 federal election or at a state election until 2003.