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How to Buy Absinthe from Absinthe Original What is Absinthe? Absinthe is a deep green drink with a very bitter buy bitcoin switzerland. What is the history of Absinthe?

Absinthe in some form or another has been used for centuries. Ancient texts mention an early sort of Absinthe, wine soaked wormwood as a vermipurge. In the middle ages, it took on many uses, including superstitious claims that Absinthe warded off the plague. Modern Absinthe’s commercial origins date back to 1797, when Major Henri Dubied began marketing a bottled Absinthe in France which eventually came to be known as today’s familiar Pernod recipe. What is the active ingredient in Absinthe? One of the constituents of wormwood, thujone is considered the culprit of Absinthe’s “added effect”.

Naturally occurring in many plants and flowers, thujone is found in large amounts in wormwood. This similarity has lead some to believe that the two substances work similarly upon the brain. What about those websites promoting “homemade Absinthe kits? Absinthe kits are gaining popularity, being sold on websites and on ebay.

Many of these revolve around the use of essential oil of wormwood or harsh solvents. Besides being a rather unpleasant, pale impersonation of real Absinthe, drinking essential oils is not a great way to get “high” but an excellent excuse to visit the emergency room. There are two popular methods for serving Absinthe, both require the use of an Absinthe spoon. This is a large spoon with open slots in it, allowing liquid to pass through. Slowly pour ice cold water over sugar cube, when the water hits Absinthe, it releases essential oils that turn the drink a cloudy. Take a tea spoon full of sugar, or sugar cube and briefly dip it in your glass of absinthe. Light Absinthe laced sugar on fire and hold over glass, the burning alcohol will melt the sugar into the glass.