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We report on coinffeine bitcoin news exchanges, merchants, regulation, mining and prices. If you have a bitcoin news tip, email us. Russian president Vladimir Putin is still skeptical about cryptocurrencies, he said Thursday.

New York Department of Financial Services superintendent Maria Vullo defended regulators’ actions in the crypto space during a panel discussion. The developer behind Dungeon Defenders II will integrate a blockchain with the game’s rewards system. Japan’s financial regulator has formally issued its first denial to a business registration application filed by cryptocurrency exchange FSHO. 8,870 if the bulls are able to beat the 50-week moving average resistance. Blockchain technology isn’t yet a beneficial addition to the payment system in the Netherlands, according to the country’s central bank. SAP is the latest tech giant to have rolled out a technology framework aimed to let enterprise build blockchain-based applications. Thailand’s central bank is examining how a blockchain-based digital currency could make interbank settlement both faster and cheaper.

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