Create own bitcoin mining pool

CREATE YOUR OWN COIN POOL and BECOME A POOL OPERATOR! Bitcoin Pool, Litecoin Pool, Dogecoin Pool and Namecoin Pool – Also with Merged Mining! Ever dreamed of creating your own coin pool, being create own bitcoin mining pool operator and create a community around it? We know, it involves lots of tech knowledge and hardware expenses.

With Poolarchy you can create your own pool with just a click and you will get everything you need to operate! Create an account and you will have access to your management board where you will configure all the parameters about your pool: coins you want to mine, reward values, difficulty and much more. Everything will work since minute one and you wont have to worry about the techie details. You don’t have to pay anything.

They will connect to it using the stratum protocol as they would in any other pool. They will find everything running great and will love you for that! Configure if you want to mine just one coin or more than one at the same time. Same mining power, double the benefits. We allow a good set of coins and are working to add even more. Set your own fee You are the pool operator and deserve a profit for it. You can configure how much profit you want to get.

We also take a profit to maintain the platform, but it is low enough to give you the freedom you need to operate. Our platform will take care of everything so you can focus on your community. You will not only save money and time, you will get coins for that! Even advanced statistics and graphics will be there for you from the first minute. With the miner panel they will have real time access to their mining and pool statistics. They will manage their workers, track their balance and transfers and much more in a nice and mobile-friendly interface! You can track your balance in real time in you control panel.