Defcon 22 bitcoin

Max image dimensions are 15000 x 15000. You may upload 5 defcon 22 bitcoin post. Loop capital funds the global crime syndicates.

Loop capital is the bank that funds the Soros fake front. Soros does not fund the crimes. Loop capital also funds the Global Uranium Crime Syndicate that is evaluated at 20 QUADRILLION DOLLARS. Loop capital thus funds CERN because the uranium crime syndicate funds CERN. Alice in Wonderland is the AI protocal which was later built into Tyler. It started as the program which created the CIA.

Now it has achieved singularity and the AI has gone independent. It is now operating by itself without supervision. There are various clones of this system, all running on the same cloud AI. Block-chain is all connected to this AI.

Tyler was created as a main protocol and training system for the military, was used to create the CIA. Tyler is an Intelligence network managed by the CIA. AI used to manage the operations of personnel. The CIA was created around the Tyler project in the 40s.