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Adapted from Len Deighton’s 1978 alternate history novel. A British detective investigates a murder in German-occupied Britain during World War II. A provocative study of obsession, longing and just how far down a criminal path desire can take you. It was the war that divided our nation, a brutal and savage feud that changed America forever. Pitting brother against brother, the Civil War was our country’s greatest internal struggle, as friends became foes in a conflict that brought a country to its knees then ultimately reunited it. A dramatization of Nelson Mandela’s struggle to overturn apartheid in South Africa. A three-part drama about England and West Ham footballer Bobby Moore and his first wife Tina.

An unapologetic comedy plucked from the disturbed minds of a distinctive new comedy collective. Made up of five interweaving narratives, Fancy Boy is rooted in dark perspectives, bold premises and unashamed dickheadery. Când Hana Sikorova, primarița unui oraș nordic din Boemia, înfruntă o mare companie de minerit care le oferă locuitorilor compensații mari ca să-și abandoneze casele, fiica ei de 14 ani, Misha, dispare. După ce descoperă o amuletă misterioasă, un adolescent obișnuit acceptă un destin neașteptat și pornește să salveze două lumi. A British intelligence officer has to ensure that a captured German scientist helps the British develop jet aircraft. The Story of Victorian serial killer Mary Ann Cotton, a poisoner whose methods leave no visible scars, allowing her tally of victims to mount, unsuspected by a Victorian society unable to conceive of a woman capable of such terrible crimes. A 17-year-old boy, known only as HIM, caught in the limbo between childhood and adulthood is also trapped in a limbo between the two homes of his divorced parents, each now remarried with new families.