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WSE-listed gas forum bitcoin pl PGNiG plans to generate an average EBITDA of PLN 5. 6 billion per year throughout 2017-2022 period. For the 2023-2026 period, EBIDTA should grow to PLN 9.

2 billion per annum on average, the company said in its updated strategy. Warsaw Stock Exchange appointed CEO RafaƂ Antczak stepped down from his office, before he even assumed it, citing personal reasons. Like in previous years, the City of Warsaw is going to showcase it municipal land offer and woo real estate investors at the MIPIM international property fair, which starts in Cannes, France on March 14. Its aim is to eliminate understatements and underestimations that may result in additional costs incurred by organizations refurbishing their offices or opening new ones.

Mining firm Bogdanka has signed an annex to its bond buyout program and will buy back bonds worth PLN 300 million before they have matured by the end of March, the company stated. Originally, the bonds were to mature on June 30, 3017. 19 percent build a house in a city of over 50,000 residents and 9 percent in a city of over 500,000 residents, according to a report by web portal oferteo. Here’s an overview of the various breaches that have been consolidated into this Have I Been Pwned. These are accessible programmatically via the HIBP API and also via the RSS feed. The data was sold and traded before 000webhost was alerted in October. The breach included names, email addresses and plain text passwords.

The data contained over 4 million unique email addresses along with IP addresses, usernames and passwords stored as unsalted MD5 hashes. 5 million from the gaming site known as 17173. The data contained email and IP addresses, usernames and salted MD5 hashes of passwords. The exposed data included more than 1. In November 2014, the acne website acne. The data was being actively traded on underground forums and included email addresses, birth dates and passwords. The password cryptography was poorly done and many were quickly resolved back to plain text.

180k user accounts being published publicly. The breach included a raft of personal information on registered users plus despite assertions of not distributing personally identifiable information, the site also leaked the IP addresses used by the registered identities. In December 2017, the virtual keyboard application ai. In September 2016, data allegedly obtained from the Chinese gaming website known as Aipai. The breach was not discovered until late 2017 when a file containing almost 300k email addresses and plain text passwords was identified. The compromised data included email addresses, user birth dates and passwords stored as a salted MD5 hash. The list contained 458 million unique email addresses, many with multiple different passwords hacked from various online systems.

The breached data was found being regularly traded online and included usernames, email and IP addresses and MD5 passwords. The attackers threatened Ashley Madison with the full disclosure of the breach unless the service was shut down. The site provided tips on fraudulently obtaining goods and services, often by providing a legitimate “PID” or Product Information Description. The data included usernames, email and IP addresses and hashed passwords.

In February 2018, data belonging to the Polish motoring website autocentrum. The data contained 144k email addresses and plain text passwords. The Simple Machines Based forum included usernames, emails and password hashes. Referred to as “B2B USA Businesses”, the list categorised email addresses by employer, providing information on individuals’ job titles plus their work phone numbers and physical addresses. The passwords were stored as MD5 hashes with no salt and many were easily converted back to their plain text versions. In May 2017, the Bell telecommunications company in Canada suffered a data breach resulting in the exposure of millions of customer records. The data was consequently leaked online with a message from the attacker stating that they were “releasing a significant portion of Bell.