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When the button is pushed, receive a notification on your phone. Or anyone else who needs to github bitcoin php scripts someone when they are ready.

When you are in need of that special friend with benefits. Connect to Pushbullet to send instant notifications or trigger IFTTT actions. Connect to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, or any other social medium with an API. Toggle a light on and off, anywhere in the world.

Turn on any internet controlled device, wherever it is. Check out bttn on Indiegogo for a lot more ideas. Check out Flic on Indiegogo for even more ideas. What is this one used for? When the kettle is boiled and Jane wants to summon me to afternoon tea, she presses the button. 00 on ebay or Dollar Store.

These buttons are available in many colors. Build different colored buttons for different applications. Unscrew the cover from the battery compartment. The insert containing the PCB, button and LEDs is press fitted into the colored cover. Hold the edge and push the insert out the bottom. Remove the printed circuit board with the white LEDs and button.

Use that board as a template to cut a piece of perfboard for the new button and the RGB LEDs. The perfboard holds the RGB LED, the resistor, and the push button. The method of assembly is not critical. In this case, only one resistor is used because the software will ensure that only one of the 3 LED components will be on at a time.