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Ensconced in his ground floor office in the grand surroundings of the Bank of England, deputy hawkes process bitcoin news Sir Jon Cunliffe sounds every inch the softly-spoken civil servant. Should you join the bond rush?

DAN HYDE: Can a former GMTV host who has only been an MP for six years really be trusted with our pensions? AA hikes online easy access rate to 1. Who is buying Britain’s electric cars? But he has a tough message to deliver to errant bankers: You won’t get off scot-free again if there is another financial crisis. That’s a contrast with the last time, when many were disgusted that the former nabobs walked away with their millions intact and no sterner penalty than a lost knighthood.

Cunliffe is the man in charge of the stability of the UK’s financial system, meaning he is leading the drive to make sure bosses will pay the price this time if the banks fail again. He clearly relishes his position at the heart of financial power-broking. On the wall is a 1990s photograph of former governor Sir Eddie George and Chancellor Ken Clarke with an image of his youthful self, then a junior official at the Treasury, hovering in the background. A quarter of a century later, he takes visible pride in having helped to reform the financial system. In a new crisis, he says, the executives responsible will not be allowed to saunter away from the wreckage.