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GW2 World Boss Timer designed koers bitcoin 2014 gmc that_shaman. Double click an event to add it to My Events for tracking and sound notification.

Some timezone conversion might be needed which can be confusing. I bitcoin future 2014 gmc know what event is on and what is coming next. Whilst it’s great that you’ve sorted out a method for yourself, which you’re obviously overjoyed at, don’t discount how useful this is. Personally, I play from Australia, prefer to have the local time on ingame, so timezone math is just a chore really. I play casually and sporadically, so it’s not practical for me to remember events to times either. But you know what I have? Load this bad boy up on my 2nd screen, GW2 on the main.

I hope you know what this word means. Of course there’s been put effort in it. Still, it doesn’t make it a superb solution. I explained my concept in order to show that no fancy solutions are needed in order to make adventuring in Tyria more efficient. But why, when it can just be there on a 2nd screen? What’s your argument there, not everyone has two screens?