Non pooled bitcoin mining

Run by the community, built for the community. Ethereum emanates from 5 mining pools. Similarly, the main 8 pools control the same fraction of mining power in Bitcoin. Pools are subject to continuous Non pooled bitcoin mining attacks.

If a big pool goes down, the security of the network is significantly compromised. Our solution implicitly replaces the centralized pool operator by network participants who run the Ethereum network. Specifically, we devise a new mechanism to verify and record miners’ contributions to the pool without centralized operators. Loi Luu is a PhD candidate at National University of Singapore. His research is on cryptocurrencies, smart contract security and distributed consensus algorithms. He is a lead developer of Oyente, the first security analyzer for smart contracts, which is now open-source.

Yaron Velner is a postdoctoral researcher in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His research is focused on aspects of game theory incentives in blockchain protocols and formal verification of smart contracts. He holds a Phd in computer science from Tel Aviv University. At EZchip he was a member in the data structure and algorithm team, which developed novel data structures for IP routing. Victor Tran is a senior backend engineer and Linux system administrator. He has experience in developing and building infrastructure for multiple social marketing platforms and advertising networks.

He is interested in building high performance multi-platform applications. Victor co-founded and was CTO of several startups in social marketing. He built and maintained platforms which handled millions of monthly active users. One of his platform was in Alexa top 20 in the US for several months. Vitalik is the Founder and Chief Scientist of Ethereum. He is also both the Founder and a writer for Bitcoin Magazine, a venture that marked the beginning of his career in crypto in 2011. He is interested in creating secure, efficient, and trustworthy systems and advises a number of projects in the crypto space.