Pump dump bitcoin miner

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Info streaming del film con Stasera in tv: “Chi ha rubato la mia vita? The euphoria around cryptocurrencies and ICOs continues due almost entirely because of retail sentiment, not just because of institutional action. Every valuation model that has been proposed to gauge what the price of a certain coin will be, fails almost entirely because of the inability to model sentiment. Look at the most talked about ICOs and altcoins and airdrops that were created in 2013-2014. How many of them have actually delivered what they marketed? This is why crypto is doomed for pump and dump because the market can’t react to increased demand with more supply.

So if interest fades you just keep getting clobbered with new supply like 2014 redux. When you have free-entry and no gatekeepers when it comes to creating money supply, people will just create a new coin as it always has more financial upside. Besides governments, what else could stop the pump train? Both criminal and civil lawsuits will continue to be filed against issuers and developers of both cryptocurrencies and ICOs. Pretty much the most popular twitter personalities nowadays are the shills and pumpers who benefits from one anothers antics.

It’s a non-stop contest to see who can say the most outrageous things about what cryptocurrencies will do to the world. The winner gets to cash out on a secondary market and buy a Swiss resort. The loser who said Junkcoin would only jump 10x instead of 100x also gets to cash out and retire in the Hamptons. Will bagholding be a line on a resume?