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The Current for June 11, 2018From terry walker bitcoin news the war of words between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and U. MMIW cases gaining traction in the U. Could marijuana help people get off opioids, or are we swapping one addiction for another? 5 million research endowment to investigate the idea.

The Current for June 6, 2018From allegations that Canada could be complicit in “violating international law” by helping the U. Should Canada ditch Mexico and go it alone with U. As the trade dispute between Canada and the U. Ottawa should drop Mexico and form a bilateral agreement with Washington. Lipska developed a whole new understanding of mental illness when brain cancer caused her to lose her mind. The Current for June 4, 2018From whether Canada should ditch Mexico and go it alone with the U.

NAFTA bargaining chip, argues one industry insider. The author explains the scientific facts behind what’s going on inside the happy brain. The Current for June 1, 2018 From the escalating trade war as the U. Trump and the Trans Mountain pipeline: What would Jean Chrétien do? Nearly 15 years after leaving public office, former prime minister Jean Chrétien has plenty to say about today’s Canada — from the Trans Mountain pipeline, to divisions in Quebec. Closed Captioning and Described Video is available for many CBC-TV shows offered on CBC Watch. Follow the link for more information.

Rodman played at the small forward position in his early years before becoming a power forward. Rodman experienced an unhappy childhood and was shy and introverted in his early years. After aborting a suicide attempt in 1993, he reinvented himself as a “bad boy” and became notorious for numerous controversial antics. Apart from basketball, Rodman is a retired part-time professional wrestler and actor.

Rodman was born in Trenton, New Jersey, the son of Shirley and Philander Rodman, Jr. Air Force enlisted member, who later fought in the Vietnam War. When he was young, his father left his family, eventually settling in the Philippines. After his father left, Shirley took many odd jobs to support the family, up to four at the same time.

In his 1997 biography Bad As I Wanna Be, he expresses his feelings for his father: “I haven’t seen my father in more than 30 years, so what’s there to miss  I just look at it like this: Some man brought me into this world. Rodman and his two sisters, Debra and Kim, grew up in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas, at the time one of the most impoverished areas of the city. Blair coached Rodman’s sisters Debra and Kim, winning three state championships. In his single semester there, he averaged 17. 3 rebounds, before flunking out due to poor academic performance. During college Rodman worked at a summer youth basketball camp, where he befriended camper Bryne Rich, who was shy and withdrawn due to a hunting accident in which he mistakenly shot and killed his best friend.

The two became almost inseparable and formed a close bond. Rodman was not well-received by the Riches because he was black. Rodman made himself eligible for the 1986 NBA draft. Chuck Daly that was called “Bad Boys” for their hard-nosed approach to basketball. Winning 52 games, the Pistons comfortably entered the 1987 NBA Playoffs. After the loss, Rodman made headlines by directly accusing Celtics star Larry Bird of being overrated because he was white: “Larry Bird is overrated in a lot of areas. Why does he get so much publicity?