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Receive all Bitcoinist news in Telegram! Trade bitcoin mt4 forex Users Seek Lawsuit Against Bitcoin. 600 individuals in just two days is pursuing legal action against Bitcoin. Tricking People into Buying Bitcoin Cash?

Upon clicking the link, a user is greeted with the following screen. What’s more, the Bitcoin Cash option is presented at the top without their respective BTC and BCH tickers. One user wrote in the Telegram group that it’s like advertising you’re selling gold and then giving customers a piece of coal instead, while also referencing stories of people who mistakingly sent BTC to a BCH address and vice versa. This change has especially outraged the Bitcoin community. It was also a topic of controversy among Bitcoin Cash supporters, many of whom believe Bitcoin Cash can compete on its own merit rather than attempting to steal the Bitcoin name. Bitcoin is and how it works. However, the line between the two is blurred in a few places.

Bitcoin is the chain originating from the genesis block with the highest accumulated proof of work. The Bitcoin Cash fork failed to gain majority, thus it is not Bitcoin. Bitcoin entrepreneurs Charlie Shrem and Richard Heart, Xotika. Ragnar Lifthrasir, who’s been urging people to report the Bitcoin dot com wallet for fraud. I just sparked the flame that’s all. Everybody is frustrated and outraged plus you have victims now losing money because of it. This isn’t asking the government to do something.